Mind-Body Psychology in Maine

I am a Licensed Psychologist with a psychotherapy practice in the heart of the Old Port, Portland, Maine. I offer individual, couple and group therapy for adults (age 18 and up) based on a mind-body approach to psychological health and wellbeing.

Integration is Therapeutic

Even in the face of difficulties, distress or illness, it is possible for you to reclaim personal wholeness by integrating mind, body and heart into a powerful, healing force. Mind-body integration is therapeutic and will expand and deepen your self-understanding, self-compassion, and self-care.

In my psychology practice, I have seen that when clients begin to accept, appreciate, and care for themselves in this integrative way, they become more aware and open to the world around them and to the people in their daily life.

Wholeness Spreads in All Directions

As you move from hurting to healing, the focus on “me” will naturally expand to “we.” A new sense of wholeness often spills over into work and school life, parenting and family life, and beyond, into all areas of life that stir your curiosity and passion.

Practice Makes Possible

meditation  I  mindfulness  I  writing  I  guided imagery
relaxation techniques  I  hypnotherapy  I  breath-work  I  nature  I  creativity

The mind-body practices that I use in my work include meditation, mindfulness, mindfulness-based cognitive therapy practices, journaling and personal writing, hypnotherapy, guided-imagery, relaxation techniques, and therapeutic breath work. As part of this whole-person approach, I also encourage healthy lifestyle choices, body-oriented practices, quality time in the natural world, and creative outlets in art, music, and dance.

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